What kind of cryptocurrency is Pallas Coin?
First and foremost, Pallas Coin operates as a Utility Token. Utility Tokens differ from tradition cryptocurrency in that its initial design is created to work in many of the ways a “Membership” in a classical business is used to benefit customers that are seeking premium offers. In tradition cryptocurrency not operating as utility, a token has the primary operation of resembling currency in digital form for decentralized transactions.
Why is there a small total max supply of tokens compared to other organizations?
Many organizations tend to release enormous volumes of their cryptocurrency on the basis that their technology or distribution is solely for transactions through their respective blockchain, NOT as a utility token with upgrading features on products and services. You will find typical offerings with relatively large supply volumes that are building useful developments for the industry. However, a majority of ICO’s that supply vast amounts of a cryptocurrency have the tendency of manipulating the buyer into the belief that they own more than their actual currency is worth. Telling a friend, you will send them 5000 XYZ coins for 1 ETH is often considered a better marketing point and position for ICO’s without long term planning. We do not agree with that strategy. NewCurr’s staging a max supply of 130 million Pallas Coins is intended to bring value to our community through the following.
Smaller Max supply equals larger value for token holders in a blockchain that gains popularity through real world products and services.
Ownership in Pallas Coin equating to escalating values owned by a user will result in unlocked functions and features throughout our products and services that are only offered to members of the community that are truly engaged.
Our volume of tokens is representative of the products and services we create for the market, not just the creation of a currency that may catch virality on the market.
In our whitepaper, we delve deeper into our plans for implementation of this utility token and how it may circulate within our first phases of services that will be released and upgraded over time. Please check out our whitepaper at http://newcurr.com/the-whitepaper/
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