Block Creation On Pallas-Athena (Basic Intro)

This piece will focus on how NewCurr is working to create a blockchain with our patent developing Proof of Information protocol. Our intent with this design is to create a network where block generation is more compatible with future search systems.
The internet was founded on structures that make the reading and understanding of data assets comprehensive and interactive for every User on a network. The ability to transform complex decentralized information into legible display is one of our top missions. Here is a brief intro on our work…
As a block is being created on the Proof of Information protocol, it will have a tag in the smart contract and Olympus Contract library (both referred in the whitepaper). The tag will allow the user to search for any block under the set parameters dictated by the type of tag. This will make the blockchain searchable for any known tags that are desired, while also ensuring the organization of the chain as a whole. As time goes on this will be applied on the macro level by putting broader labels onto the tags, thereby allowing for people to see the health of industries or any number of relative macro data points. These tags are broken down into the following.
Gene: A Gene is a single block instance and it is a part of our Macro level chain.
Chroma: A Chroma is a group of blocks that share a tag. They are subcategories of the Macro level chain.
Helix: A Helix is a collection of Chroma, where the tag shares a label. A label is a metadata of the tags.

Simplified representation of Macro Vs. Micro chain
For example, Microsoft and Apple are both tags, but they would share the same technology industry label. The helix is a larger subcategory of the Macro level chain, which can be used to show the viability of markets.
These parameters will allow for a completely organized chain with an introduction to a real-time search query system. This is a rudimentary diagram of how our software will assemble chromas and helixes from the Macrochain. All chromas and helixes will be individually searchable and comprised of their own Minichain. Minichains will develop after this process and they enrich search fields over the time that the Macrochain develops.
We will be implementing 2 variations of “Stamps” that will further introduce valuable concepts to this design.
“IIP Signature” (Information Intellectual Property Signature): addresses the tier level system that is created and implemented for the Pallas-Athena blockchain. By creating signatures for divisible information structures layered into a full block, the community can build upon immutable transactions, further validating that already existing block. This creates further trust and security in the community.
“OP Signature” (Olympus Contract Signature): addresses the Olympus Contract Library where members of our community can earn Pallas Coins for providing new variations of crypto transaction contracts. These variations include aspects of contracts relating to any NewCurr Limited Company affiliated entity or user generated content.
With Proof of Information, a user within the network can provide evidence for possession of data, as well as what that data contains. This provides noteworthy evidence for where that source of data originated and whether that data was properly created during that origination. This also has significance across multiple versions of rights; including patents, artistic ownership, Dapps ownership, or any claim that exists in a document that is circulated across the Pallas-Athena blockchain.
Any modification to a finalized document or asset on this blockchain is subject to an alert system, re-evaluation and verification process that is more restricted than the first submission. This ensures proper action and community well-being. On our Pallas-Athena blockchain, if the information asset has not been touched or modified, it will produce the same signature that is distributed across the larger Pallas-Athena system, then process it for addition to our search engine. More information on this process will be released and consistently updated.
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The NewCurr Team

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