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DataCurr (Data and Incubation)
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and all decentralized applications resident on a blockchain, are still very much in their infancy. Many in the blockchain industry will tell you that some of the most significant challenges facing this technology arrive in the form of Scaling Vs. Power Consumption.
While that is certainly true, NewCurr believes this technology and the industry as a whole needs to address core fundamental principles, before addressing certain technological advancements. As a community, NewCurr believes that a core principle for blockchain should be addressing its ability for accessibility. There are many instances where, as in any technological business, the geniuses at work may get lost in the rat race of tech advancement. At NewCurr, we create technology for people, not for a machine and certainly not for the sake of the rat race in general.
Before we can work on a human solution, we first need to understand what accessibility means. Accessibility can mean many things depending on the business or organization or people working on a project; for us we believe accessibility relates to simple adoption. Simple adoption is a moment where we have people joining the community that don’t necessarily need to understand what a “Hash” or “Private Key” actually is. This does not mean we “Dumb Down or Water Down” our innovation. It means we need to understand that there are almost 8 billion people on Earth, and a majority do not have technological backgrounds. There is a lack of knowledge in this area and that is not a negative, but it is representative of the fact that everyone on Earth provides a different service to the community. A vast majority of services aren’t technological, nor do they necessarily need to be.
An example is farming. A farmer might yield a better crop with better technology, but that is not always key. Farmers are amazing in that without them we would lose a valuable resource…a human resource. In the blockchain industry we should absolutely solve the problems of consumption and scaling, but we must always remember it is for the people, blockchain was and will always be for the people and they must be useful.
At NewCurr, we have been working on how we could address accessibility for our own blockchain that we are working on. What we decided is to address the human characteristic of our system in two approaches.
For people that want to build blockchain apps…how do we make this easier?
For people that don’t need to understand the tech, but want to join, how do we make it simple?
For those that want to make cool applications, that answer was incubation.
For those who need a simple community solution, that answer was education and design.
These thoughts led to the creation of an application we’re developing called DataCurr. This application will function not only as an educational tool on data and all things crypto/blockchain, but it will work with newcomers that want to build and create, through an incubation platform.
If we want to add a human touch to our work, then we need to bring more human ideas from everyday people into the network and help them build apps for their community.
While this application is still heavily under wraps during development, we would like to share some information.
In the world of crypto and blockchain, there are some issues…
-Over 1000 different cryptocurrencies
-Several hundred different exchanges
-Fragmentation is rampant across markets, pricing, currencies and api’s
-Accurate pricing and market volume metrics are the wild west when it comes to good measurement and analytics They can be considered issues because cryptocurrency is very new in comparison to the financial markets; so, there is a lack of the following:
Decentralized data unique in the cryptocurrency market — professional data aggregation and analysis is needed by financial institutions and exchanges and by new creators.
2. There are no established data providers today; no “Bloomberg” or “Nasdaq Ticker” that delivers accurate and comprehensive cryptocurrency data. This is essential for new creators during incubation.
3. Each exchange has different trade fees, trade API’s, etc. Moving money around and calculating profitable trades between exchanges can be complicated. We want to help simplify this process for newcomers.
We understand that these are typical issues we want to address for more of our tech savvy or financially savvy members.
But we also want to address creators, hence our desire to implement education and incubation over time.
Education means we will work heavily in developing curriculum and academic expertise to create a learning center to engage the youth that will be leading our collective future.
Much like many academic systems, the goal is learning and then creating from what you learn, and we want to follow that path. That means after designing a curriculum, we can offer incubation or more advanced programs where people can develop decentralized apps hands-on with leading professionals. We aim for this to be a more exclusive program, since we want to ensure the general community benefits from meaningful and thorough ideas.
AND VERY IMPORTANT! Innovation comes from competition and entrepreneurship. The incubation process for the new blockchain economy is growing and changing rapidly. We believe this will be a big benefit to industry. The key to a healthy economic system rests in the duality between education and innovation.
We are a very new project, so a lot of our work will not be released for some time. We want to make sure that we can develop the best platform possible and we don’t believe in shortcuts. Please look out for our work as it progresses in the near future. As NewCurr progresses, we will begin to talk more about DataCurr and its pursuit to help educate and expand the new blockchain community.
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